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Looking for a premium humidor to store your high-quality cigars? Worry not! You’ve reached the right place.

With an experience of more than 50 years in the industry of smoking accessories, we deal in high-quality humidors for all kinds of customers. Even if you are a beginner and have little or no knowledge of humidors, fret not, for we provide you with a detailed description of all our products to help you choose better. All our range of humidors is crafted by using quality material and modern technology.

When you buy cigar humidor from us, you can rest assured of its quality and working, as our manufactures put in a great deal of hard work to provide the best humidors to cigar lovers. With years of experience in this field, we have continuously tried to be better and better each day to design products that best suit our clients’ needs.

Why Should You Use A Cigar Humidor?

No matter how a high-quality cigar you buy, if you do not store it in a humidor that supports optimum humidity level, it will get dry and lose its aroma.

Cigar Humidor helps in keeping up the taste of tobacco for a longer period. The controlled moisture level in humidor keeps the oil present in different tobacco leafs together.

Extreme fall in temperature can cause the cigars to rot which sometimes also invites tobacco beetles which make the cigars unfit for use.

Why Buy Cigar Humidor From Us?

Being the pioneer manufacturer of cigar humidors, we understand the requirement of smokers and their concern over the price of humidors. So, we focus on providing quality materials at affordable prices.


We are serving this industry since 1976 and with every passing year, we have tried to include something unique and qualitative in our listing. Our humidors are the creation of different minds and are destined to safeguard your cigars.

Huge Variety

We have a wide range of accessories in our inventory. From wooden-glass, wooden-leather to full leather and multiple shade humidors, you can select the one that fits your taste well.


Since humidors are just required to store cigars, there are many buyers who think that spending a lot on humidors is just a waste of money. We understand this well and have included products ranging from as low as $69 to as high as $150.

You can Contact Us anytime if you have any query related to our products or want to know our buying guidelines. We would be delighted to hear from you!